Thursday, 20 October 2016

Publishers need to please those who pay the bills

Advertising has paid for the costs and profits of advertisers for many centuries. In the Eighteenth Century the rags and pamphlets in London, Berlin, Moscow, Paris and Rome frequently had advertiser messages.

Nothing new in the electronic world. Well, it is different because electronic publishing allows us to count how many people see it, and estimate how many people read the ad, and measure how many people tap on the ad.

So who pays the most? Large corporations. It was ever thus.

Except sometimes a statistical outlier will raise the money to put their message in the publication. But usually it is the large corporations. How does this affect reporting? Even pop starts use their music to advertise products which would have been unthinkable in the 1970s. They would never have done it then, but because their recordings are now electronic and easily 'shared' with the world, needs to generate revenue have resulted in a different perspective on advertising. Pride in dealing with the big sponsors.

Control by the moneyed class. It was ever thus. So some bemoan the fact that Brexit Britain will be funded by China, and become a puppet state of China. Well, er... not that but it may become rather beholden to China in some unexpected ways. As China's outpost in Europe, paying the bills, China may call some shots.

This will arrect IP as well. We can expect that Film and TV may well be a commercial casualty, unable to charge consumers in China in the way the copyright owners expected. Food for thought.

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